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Massage and Bodywork

Signature Massage 60 Minutes - $100
Our signature service is an integration of soothing massage modalities to ease the recipient into a deep place of inner peace. Each service is complemented with warm towels and signature Skyterra aromatherapy blends.
Signature Massage 90 Minutes - $150
Signature Massage 120 Minutes - $200
Skyterra Deep Tissue Massage 60 Minutes - $150
Our signature deep tissue massage works to heal areas of tension and chronic pain. These sessions are more specific to a particular region and will not always incorporate the entire body, instead focusing on the areas of the greatest need. When booking, you can request an emphasis on shoulder girdle, hip girdle, upper body, or lower body. If you are unsure of the exact route to take, our therapists will do a thorough overview of your body’s pain patterns and develop a treatment that is best suited for your needs. Each session is complemented with our signature muscle and joint salve, warm towels, and if needed, cold compresses.
Skyterra Deep Tissue Massage 90 Minutes - $200
Reflexology - $150
This treatment begins with a luxurious foot soak in a traditional mustard seed foot bath. Following the soak the client moves to a deeply nourishing reflexology treatment.Incorporating techniques from the thai tradition, energetic intuition, and traditional reflexology mindful pressure is used on points in the feet, using a variety of tools to create a whole body experience.

Fire Cupping Massage - $150
This massage offers the deeply healing benefits of traditional fire cupping to support deeper work that has a tremendous benefit on many of our internal systems. Glass cups are placed in specific areas on the body with the intention of releasing fascia, moving stagnant fluid, promoting vibrant circulation, and aiding in the detoxification process. The session includes deep massage work along with Gua Sha and reflexology.
Head, Neck, and Shoulder Massage - $150
This treatment is a profound way to soothe and nurture the nervous system. With an emphasis on the upper body, herbal oils, aromatherapy, and gemstones are incorporated with marma point therapy, luxurious warm oil head massage, a lymphatic gemstone facial massage and precise work on the neck and shoulders to create a deeply healing experience
Lymphatic Drainage - $100
This massage is a fluid and relaxing service aimed to promote the proper the balance of the lymphatic fluids of the body.
Sacred Stone Massage - $200
This massage is truly a journey into deep states of tranquility and ultimate relaxation. Our stones have been carefully selected from the shores of Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Rhode Island and elevate this service to a sacred experience. Warm oil is massaged into the body while stones of varying size and weight glide over the body. Additionally, stones will be carefully placed and covered with sandbags on specific areas of direct need and attention. This treatment, known throughout spas the world over, is elevated to a whole new experience by honoring the sacred powers of ancient stones.
Sports Massage 60 Minutes - $150
A deeply engaging and invigorating massage using voodoo floss and contrast (heat/cold) therapy to help improve range of motion and reduce inflammation and pain.
Sports Massage 90 Minutes - $200
A deeply engaging and invigorating massage using voodoo floss and contrast (heat/cold) therapy to help improve range of motion and reduce inflammation and pain.

Energetic Bodywork

Reiki - $100
Reiki is a form of energy healing that originated in Japan that translates to universal life energy. It uses very light touch to balance and harmonize the energetic body while creating a sense of peace and overall well being.
Sound Therapy Chakra Balancing 90 Minutes - $150
Tuning forks and chakra stones are used to energize the body, mind, and spirit, as well as balance the chakras. The tuning forks are used around and directly on the body for a complete therapeutic experience with the additional benefit of a light massage from the healing vibrations.
Chakra Balancing Session - $150
Realign and clear blocks from the powerful energy centers in your body to feel more balanced, aligned, relaxed, creative, and inspired. When these are out of alignment, you may be feeling blocked, stuck, anxious, frustrated and/or disconnected. This session uses tools such as guided meditation, crystal singing bowls, gemstones, aromatherapy, and energy balancing techniques to help you clear, relax, and recharge while bringing your energy centers back into balance.


Skyterra Personalized Facial - $150
Skyterra Personalized Facial $150
A luxurious & effective treatment catered to your needs (extractions incl), the
Skyterra Personalized Facial will delight you with Hungarian facial massage,
Lymphatic Drainage and a blissful relaxation of the decolette, neck, shoulders,
arms and hands, all which enhances the activity of the products.
Healing Honey Body Treatment - $200
Enjoy a gentle lymphatic dry brushing followed by a Skyterra Hive’s Honey mask and body wrap. Warm Shower and pat dry to reveal softer, healthier skin. Finish with a hydrating massage.
*Detoxifying, antibacterial, humectant, scar and wound healing, and anti- aging.
Massage & Facial Combo - $200
Honey and Salt Body Treatment 60 minutes - $150
Ancient salts combine with Skyterra hive's Honey to exfoliate and soften dry skin, while lavender oils and hot stones provide deep relaxation
Honey and Salt Body Treatment 90 minutes - $200
Ancient salts combine with Skyterra Hive's Honey to exfoliate and soften dry skin, while lavender oils and hot stones provide deep relaxation


Nutrition Consultation - $100
Personal Yoga - $75
This session is geared towards the beginner yogi looking for more insight and education regarding starting a practice; the sessions intention is to understand basic yoga postures and alignment.
Personal Training - $75
Whether you want to improve your form, kick up your fitness experience, or work on specific weaknesses, there’s no better way than a personal training with one of our experts. Our trainers utilize will tailor your training session to your needs and interests.
Fitness RX - $75
Everyone has unique needs, lifestyles and equipment available for beginning their fitness routine upon arrival home. This service provides you the opportunity to sit down with one of our experts to co-create your custom plan. You’ll walk out with every detail written out for you.
Yoga RX - $75
This session is for individuals looking for specific therapeutic yoga applications to inspire healing of injury, tension or overall tightness/restriction. Pranayama (breathwork) applications will be asigned, as well as specific postures/sequence.
Personal Fitness or Yoga (3-Pack) - $190
At Home Premium Coaching
The Skyterra Premium Coaching program is a collaborative extension of your time with us onsite. You’ll work directly with a team member of your choosing (pending availability) for three months. Each week you will set realistic goals to keep you on the path of your intention. Your coach helps you stay accountable and devise strategies for facing your challenge points.
Wellness Labs - $300 (call for appointment)
Please Schedule with Concierge/Guest Services
Tennis, Group - $100
Tai Chi - $75
Tennis, Private - $200
Copy of Tennis, Group - $100


Private Therapy - $150
Find relief and support on your journey. Schedule an appointment with our licensed therapist.


Full nutrition consultation - $100
Private Culinary Experience - $100


Single Fly Fishing - $100
Group Fishing (Max-2) - $50